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within Microsoft Teams helps you stay organized and find information that you need from conversation channels and messages. Just ask don't search!. You can also tell Ariv what interests you and let ariv sift through the stream of messages and ensure that you don't miss the ones you are interested in.

Drowning in messages

Drowning in DM's and Notifications?

Just tell Ariv what interests you, and she'll keep track of interactions in chosen channels so you dont have to. Ariv brings all your interests together in one channel for you to peruse when it suits you.
ask me anything

Ask and
you shall receive

Can't remember what key-word to search with? Don't worry just ask Ariv. Her knowledge graph created from conversation interactions within channels and threads inside Microsoft Teams, has all the knowledge and information you need, just ask her.

ask me anything

Karma based leaderboards

Ariv can easily keep track of useful conversation contributions, decide how you wish to award "karma" points and let users accumulate and redeem points from their conversations.
A back story about

Who is Ariv and why did we build her?

Ariv is the bot that makes sense of all the conversations that you give her access to. She reads everything, understands more than just the words so she can answer any question that you have about those conversations. Curious to know how she does this? Go on click to know more about and how it powers

How Ariv makes sense of conversations...

Ariv uses cutting edge Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to derive meaning and context from conversations to create machine readable knowledge graph that makes the reuse of knownledge across the organization reliable and easier. Meaning and Context are automatically extracted and organized into a machine reable format, this centralized & embelished data can be used to improve the performance of other ML powered automations like ChatBots or Q&A portals. Infact Ariv's underlying platform - has APIs that can be used to improve interaction experiences right where they happen, in your own applications, or other API enabled applications like Helpdesks, CRM's, Contact Center systems, and other self-service initiatives.

Interested in trying Ariv for MS Teams?

Ariv is now available on the Microsoft Teams app store, no need to sign up for the waitlist any more!

Just click on the button bellow and add Ariv to your team. Drop us a note with feedback, or chat with us incase you need help.

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